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The Hotel

It all started with an idea ...

For the three friends and business partners (Daniel Repp, Viktor Kromm & Andreas Schirling) it is an affair of the heart to start with the first hotel in addition to the construction projects in southern Germany.

The name Sombea is made up of the two terms “Somnum” and “Beatum”. The two terms stand for “happiness” and “sleeping”. This is exactly what the focus and the concept of the hotel should guarantee. For this sleeping comfort, 85 high-quality box spring beds with different blankets and pillows are available. All rooms were equipped with a complex ventilation system. Each room can also be individually heated or cooled using the air conditioning. Modern floor plans, large-area Smart TVs and open shower areas ensure exceptional stays. The five room categories start with the premium rooms and end on the top floor with the suite including free-standing bathtubs or a private sauna on the large balcony with a view of the center of Schwenningen.

The new hotel also draws attention through digital features. Check-in and check-out processes, guest folders, booking before services and communication with the staff at the reception all work digitally. For example, if you wish, you can arrive without filling out forms or registration forms. Guests can do all of this online in advance and thus save waiting times on arrival. Late arrivals are also possible without any problems. Of course, the hotel and restaurant staff are also there for you if you want personal attention.

You will find a special place of rest in the cigar lounge on the ground floor. The fine selection of cigars will be rounded off with an exclusive selection of rum and whiskey. But also hiking trails or the center are in the immediate vicinity and invite you to linger.

Our motivation is satisfied guests in the hotel and restaurant. We cordially invite you to feel at home with us!

Visit us!
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The founders and owners at the trade fair for the hotel and catering industry
The founders and owners at the trade fair for the hotel and catering industry

Viktor Kromm, Daniel Repp and Andreas Schriling convince themselves personally at the Intergastra in Stuttgart about current trends and possibilities for the Hotel Sombea. In the spirit of all future guests …