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Our cigar lounge

Who does not need it, the island of tranquility to switch off from everyday stress. In our Smoking Club you can get into conversation with like-minded people and enjoy the passion of smoking cigars in a convivial round.

The cigar lounge seduces you with high-quality cigars from all over the world and matching rum or whiskey varieties. All cigars are deliberately selected to give you an exceptional taste experience.

An extensive range of whiskey, rum, gin or other high-quality spirits offer an optimal basis for a special experience with friends or business partners.

„A good cigar closes the door from the meanness of life“

(Franz Liszt)

Zigarre und Rum

The selection of cigars

Smoking Club Hotel Sombea


A cigar from Cuba is simply a must, because Cuban cigars are the classic par excellence. Cuban cigars are known as strong and sophisticated. They stand out from the competition because they are based on 100% Cuban tobacco. Earthy, strong and rolled in a tradition-conscious way, cigars from Cuba are usually luxury goods with high standards as pure-grade puros made from Cuban tobacco.

Dom. Republik

A cigar from the Dominican Republic usually shows itself from the charming, light and rather gentle side, although there are definitely stronger longfillers to discover. When it comes to premium cigars, Dom. Rep. has established itself as the market leader, and you really won’t find a greater variety. Aromatic, mild and partly flowery, they invite you to relax.


Nicaraguan cigars have earned a reputation as all-rounders. This is due in no small part to the fact that with the various growing areas cigars have only been produced on a grand scale for a few decades. Cigars from Nicaragua are suitable for both connoisseurs and beginners. They generally stand for medium-strong, earthy to peppery spicy pleasure with a slight Cuban character.