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Lounge & Bar


A good start to the day includes a balanced breakfast and therefore we offer a wide variety of hot and cold dishes. Whether muesli, fruit and yogurt or rolls, sausage and cheese, we have something for every taste.

Frühstück Hotel Sombea


In our restaurant we serve a wide range of different drinks, starting with an aperitif and ending with wine. Our kitchen creates for you, matching the drink, a variety of culinary delights

Virtual live music

With Virtual Entertainment, atmospheric and professional live music, from pop to jazz, from classical ensemble to Bavarian brass band music, is brought to three large 75-inch full HD screens placed side by side, with a high-quality sound system that makes the guest feel as if they are experiencing the virtual concert experience “live”. These “live concerts” are presented by professional musicians and band, who interact with each other during the performance.